Spring Coding

I know things have been quiet round here recently. I plan to remedy this soon. in the mean time, I’d like to update you on a little spring break project i’m looking to under take.

If i say the game “Life”, there could be one of two things. You might think of Firstly, if you are born after 1990 you most likely would think of the board game of life. If however you were born before that time or know a bit about the history of early computers and computer games you might think of John Horton Conway’s Life. I will not go into the rules and caveats of the game here. I will leave you to read more about it on wikipedia. I had read about the game in several books, but i have never had the rules explained to me before. In one of my weekly podcasts I listen to, Steve Gibson who hosts TWIT’s Security Now podcast explained the rules. The rules are quite simple but yet very powerful. i’m not going to provide you links, but i believe a bit of googling with the right key-words would find some things to entertain you.

If you are blind and reading this, googling probably wont do you much good. Because most of, if not all of the different versions of Life out there, aren’t accessible. My plan is to make an accessible version. This will be free and open source hosted on github. Here is a direct link to my repository.

A brief note on the tools i will be using for this project. This will be coded using Python 3.6. I wish to have 3d sound to describe the movement of the different cells. For that i will be using a python module by Austin Hicks called libaudioverse. One downside of using libaudioverse is that there is no mac support at the moment but, i do have some ideas to get around that. High-contrast graphics will be available using pyglet.

I wont guarantee that i will update the blog every day with results, but i will do my best. Please watch of follow the github repository for specific updates.

2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review

I know this site has not had any new content in over a year. However, I am back in 2017. I genuinely want to get content up here as well as a few of my coding projects out to the public. I am making this post to firstly update people if they care about what has happened in the intervening year and to start a hobbit of blogging more.


In December i wrapped up my associates of arts degree at my local community college. If you are not familiar with American degrees, this is a two year degree that is very general. It is all of the classes you take in a Bachelors degree that do not fall within your area of study. I generally enjoyed myself and I would highly encourage anyone to start their college education out at a community college. It is cheaper than a traditional four year university, It typically has a very flexible schedule, and depending on the class, they are generally easier and are smaller in size. Now that I have that degree under my belt, I move on to a four year university. I will be studying computer science with a cyber security concentration. I am also looking to get a Math minor. I will be living on campus in a dorm again. I hope this next stage of my life will spark many good and interesting blog posts, so stay tuned for more.


As much as I love my family, The past year has been a bit taxing still living at home. We have not had any major catastrophes, but a few things have changed over the past year. Firstly, I lost my second grandparent in March of last year. My Dad’s dad had been struggling with dementia for more than the past decade. I am just glad he is in a better place now. On a more happier note, My other set of grandparents, my Mother’s parents moved back from Florida where they had been living for the past seven years. It was really great having them around for Christmas. I will look forward to hanging with them more. Finally, we welcomed a new member into our family. No, not a two-legged baby, but a 4-legged furry guide dog. He is my Brother’s dog and it has been, if you pardon the pun, an eye-opening experience. I do not want to talk to much awn this topic because I plan to blog more on it in the future. I will say though, he is very lovable and does a great job. You can learn more about my brother Sean and his new four -legged companion over on his FaceBook page.

Personal and Technology

One of the major changes here is I received a MacBookPro for Christmas. For those tech types that care, I did not get the 2016 model with the touch-bar . I received a 13 inch 2015 with a 250 gb SSD and 8 gb of ram. I will be blogging more about my experiences soon. I am very much looking forward to moving out again and become a bit more independent. I am super excited for what 2017 will bring me.


If you made it this far, I applaud you for sticking with it. Hopefully more of my next posts won’t be so long and dry. But just think if you can make it through this one, all the others should be a breeze. Until next time, cheers to a great year ahead. 🥂

Social media

Like many people I too have several social media profiles wandering around the web. I first started on Facebook. however, i found it rather inconvenient to post things. After a while of this, I switched over to twitter and found I liked it much more. My primary operating system of choice is windows and there are many accessible twitter clients for windows. It was very easy for me to tweet. You can find me on twitter here. I like to tweet about technology; games, specifically audio games; music; audio clips of all kinds; and what ever i may come across in the course of a day. My Facebook profile is still active and i do go on there to check it, but it is a mirror image of my twitter. you can find it here on the main site and here on the mobile site. Tweeting at me is probably the best way to get my attention if you want me to respond right there and then. So go ahead and follow away. I also have a LinkedIn profile which can be found here. I don’t have very much activity over there at this time, but i do intend to update it more as my career takes off. If you want to check it out please do. All of these are very good places to find updates from me.

This website is also a good place as well. I intend to Tweet and post all updates i make here. I am also trying to make it as easy and simple to keep up with everything Kyle Borah as possible. One good way is to subscribe. You will get emails sent to you directly when ever i make a post. You can also share things on this site with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other mediums. If you like my writing, please take a second to share it to your own respective social media profiles and accounts. I know i speak on behalf of all Bloggers out there, we are eternally grateful when you do so.

Finally if you’d like to see something from me on this site or if you know how i could go about doing something better, let me know. I am a budding WordPress user and if you’d like to share some of your tips and tricks I would b more than happy to hear about them.

Hello and happy new year

Hello everyone,

It is now 2016 and this is hopefully the first post of many this year. This is my website and blog where I will be blogging about interesting topics as it relates to technology. As well as my personal projects and releases. This hopefully will also become a repository for all of my projects. While there is nothing quite yet, please check back for news and updates on things I am working on. Cheers to a productive and prosperous 2016.